In Kids Church during the months of February, March and April, 2017, Pastor Brent is showing your elementary students different ways they can help people.

BGMC is the Assemblies of God missions program funded by children. It instills a heart of compassion to reach the lost through praying, giving, and going. BGMC provides our missionaries with the supplies and tools they need to help in evangelism and discipleship. It provides whatever a missionary needs - where they need it and when they need it.

BGMC Offering Contest

  • Date of Contest:  February, March & April, 2017
  • Prizes:  A computer! Yes, we are giving away a computer as first prize! Two more prizes are a Red Nintendo 2DS game console and a Blue Nintendo 2DS game console.
  • How to win:  Top 3 children who bring in the most money
  • Winners announced:  May 7, 2017
  • How to give:  Offering in a baggie with name and amount clearly marked. Another option is on the Giving Kiosk. If you want your donation to count in the offering contest, please email the child that will benefit from this gift.

Our goal is to help our kids become global-conscious and to give to missions. When we give to BGMC it is a win-win scenario - the kids win a cool prize and missionaries are given what they need to do their job. Everyone wins!