Royal RangersRoyal Rangers

Leader: Terry Brown, Senior Commander



Royal Rangers is a ministry that reaches and motivates boys spiritually through Bible study and memorization, devotionals, and Christian role models. Boys are strengthened mentally by an advanced awards-based weekly program. Further, the boys increase their physical prowess by participation in age-specific activities and recreation. Finally, they are introduced to church, community, and nature-related activities to develop their social skills and awareness. This ministry is open to all boys from Kindergarten through High School. You do not have to attend Harbor Light Church or Fremont Christian School to be a part of this fun and exciting club.

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Royal Rangers meet Sunday evenings @ 6:00pm in the Gym at Fremont Christian School. (Click for Location Map)

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The program includes four groups:

Ranger Kids

Ranger Kids—The trail to fun and adventure—is an exciting program for boys in kindergarten, first and second grades. Boys in this age group participate in great fun and excitement that will allow boys to develop their interests and needs as well as mold their character. Click here to order your boy's uniform. To register, click on Resources.

Discovery Rangers

Discovery Rangers is a fun and exciting program for boys in third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade. Not only does the boy get to discover great indoor and outdoor activities, he will get to make many new friends. Click here to order his uniform. To register, click on Resources.

Adventure Rangers

Adventure Rangers are sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade boys who explore new frontiers. The Adventure Ranger will explore new areas as he learns the history of Royal Rangers and takes advantage of opportunities for the future. Click here to order the uniform. To register, click on Resources.

Expedition Rangers

Expedition Rangers is a program for High school guys. Expedition Rangers has four separate categories, which are "Achievement", "Activities", "Leadership", and "Service". Each part of Expedition Rangers is designed for different interests teen boys may have. Click here to order the uniform. To register, click on Resources.