Common Questions from Parents are answered below:

  1. What are Children's Ministries Camps?  Whenever Fremont Christian School closes for a week-long break, Harbor Kidz from Harbor Light organizes a day camp so that parents don't have to miss work as often. We have high school counselors who are responsible and ready to play with your child. We assign children into teams and place a counselor over that team. Throughout the day the counselors watch out for each member of their team.
  2. Who may attend the day camp?  All elementary children ages 5 years old up through 6th grade can attend. You do not have to be a Harbor Light member to attend. If your child is going into 7th grade in the fall, they may still attend the camp. Your child does not have to attend Fremont Christian School to join our camp. Parents of children in TK (transitional kindergarten), your child will attend the Elementary day camp, not the Preschool day camp.
  3. Cost?  We are offering five elementary day camps throughout 2016.
    1. Elementary day camp: Early registration for the 5-day camps is $175 for the first child; $110 for the second sibling. The third elementary sibling is free! November and December are each three-day camps. Their price is $115 for the first child and $90 for the second sibling.
    2. Daily registration is also available for each day camp.
    3. When we offer a Preschool day camp, parents who have both a preschooler and an elementary student pay as follows:
      1. Preschool - pay full price of day camp
      2. Elementary - pay sibling price ($110 for 5-day camps; $90 for 3-day camps).
  4. Package Deals?  Our Day Camp Package is a great way of getting a discount for your childcare! If you register for five (5) camps at the beginning of the calendar year, we discount the price of one camp 50%! That option is only available January, February & March 2016.
  5.  Cancellation Policy?  If you've registered your child in a camp but are unable to attend it, here is how we handle that issue. Please notify us as soon as you know of the change of plans. If it is one week before the day camp or earlier, we can either apply your payment to your Fremont Christian School bill or to an upcoming day camp.  If you must cancel during the week of the day camp, no refunds will be issued at all. You see, we have paid for field trips and purchased supplies to accommodate all registered attendees. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  6. Registration?  Click on the day camp you want your child to attend and follow the prompts. We allow you to pay by credit card on-line only. If you do not wish to pay on-line, you may print out the registration form, write out a check, and drop off three things (registration form, check and picture of your child) in the Business Office mail slot which is open 24/7. To send your child for a few days, see below for instructions...
  7. Daily Registration?  Daily registration is only available with the registration form. Please circle the days your child will attend.
  8. Receipt?  Your email address is required in order for us to send you a confirmation of your child's registration and a receipt. As soon as we receive your registration and payment, a confirmation is sent to your email address and a receipt is included. Those who pay with a credit card will receive the receipt through the Giving Kiosk, not from Children's Ministries.
  9. Dress code and lunch?  Everyday you child will need a lunch. You will be notified if lunch will be provided (if we go to Chuck E. Cheeses) so unless we tell you NOT to bring a lunch, always pack and send a lunch with your child. We also provide a hot lunch for an extra fee. A lunch registration form must be filled out, one per child. Your child can wear "free dress" clothes.
  10. Where and when do I drop off my child? Is there an extra fee?  You may drop off your child as early as 7:00 a.m. - the same as Fremont Christian School hours. The Activities Building is where you will drop them off and pick them up. Most of the time we ask the parents to walk through the Atrium where there is an additional sign-in/out sheet. This is for security purposes only. We require your child to be signed in and out every day, the same as Fremont Christian School. Before and After Child Care is included in the price of the day camp. If you pick up your child after 6:3 p.m. (Monday - Thursday), or after 6:00 pm on Friday, then we do require $1/minute, payable in cash upon arrival.
  11. Field trips?  We believe the day camps should be fun! Going on field trips are fun so during every day camp we go on one or two field trips. We leave from campus and return to campus so you will drop off your child and pick them up in the Activities Building. Sometimes the activities we choose require WAIVERS. They are always posted on-line under the page called "Field Trips & Activities". Print out the waiver and hand it in along with your registration form. Do not wait until the day camp starts.
  12. Notification of field trips?  Always check this website. Each field trip, once it is planned, is posted under the day camp on a page entitled "Field Trips & Activities." If you check a camp and that page does not appear, that means we are still planning the activities.
  13. My child is not yet 5 - can they attend? If your child is in TK (transitional kindergarten), they attend the Elementary day camp. Otherwise your 4-year-old may attend the Preschool Day Camp run by Oti Velazquez. Please call 510-744-2282 for more information about this day camp. 

I hope we've answered your questions. If you have more questions you may call Harbor Kidz at (510) 744-2222 or email