Preschool Children's Church meets every Sunday morning at 10:30. Two year olds can now be dropped off in the nursery adjacent to the church foyer (east side). If your preschooler has been in Sunday School at 9:00, you will not need to walk them over to the preschool classrooms.



We have an electronic check-in system so please check in at the desk. Your child is placed in their class based on their birthday age. The curriculum we use is age-appropriate.

Please make sure that when you sign your child in that you fill in all of the information asked for - age, birth date, your name, your cell phone, etc. If you are visiting, please fill out the visitor card and mark whether you want your child's name to be added to the permanent roll sheet.

When your child has a birthday, our electronic system automatically moves them up to the next class. We try to move them up based on the birthday you have given us, but if we miss it, please mark the roll sheet and it will be corrected by the next week.