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Celebrate Recovery

Sometimes we believe that we are alone in our struggle with life's problems. We believe that no one could possible understand our hurts and pain - that they are especially unique and difficult.

Good news! We are not alone!

Celebrate Recovery is made up of real people just like you and me. It is not just for men and women struggling with addictions and compulsive behaviors, but struggling with life in general. Some of us are in unhealthy relationships or have a loved one struggling with an addiction. Some of us just have a general lack of peace or we may have a lot of anger.

Celebrate Recovery is well-established and proven program, based on the 8 beatitudes of the Bible and the Christian 12 steps.

We begin every Friday at 7:00pm with songs, followed by a time of teaching or personal testimony. At 8:00pm men and women break up into separate small groups for a personal time of sharing our struggles, strengths and hope with one another. Lastly, at 9:00pm we have a time of fellowship and hot/cold beverages where people can casually connect and further relationships. Join us the last Friday of each month for a BBQ at 6:00pm.

Childcare (also Fridays, 7:00pm) for kids infants through age 11. Are you new to CR? Bring your child(ren) to the Y Bldg. by 6:50pm and we'll show you the way! We have trained/fingerprinted childcare employees of Harbor Light ready to welcome your children!

Weekly meeting includes the General Meeting for men and women, 7:00pm followed by the following choices at 8:00pm:

Men: Men's A-Z Group (General Issues), Men's Chemical Group (Anything ingested), Men's Sexual Addiction

Women: Women's A-Z Group (General Issues), Women's Abuse Group (Physical, Sexual, Emotional), Women Struggling With Fear & Control, Women in Recovery from Codependency

Women's Step Study
Next Class: Fall, 2017 Materials fee: $40 for Recovery Bible and workbook.

Men's Step Study

Next Class: Fall, 2017 Materials fee: $40 for Recovery Bible and workbook.


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Email us at vjsmithsr@yahoo.com or call Vern at 510.673.7753.